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your bricks – usually in the foundation, chimney, or porch steps.. Mortar, the main ingredient in tuckpointing, is the cement-type product that is used between.Filter Reviews by Service:. but later found out the company that sealed my building in 2016 was a joke and our building had turned into a sponge! I had several people come over and give quotes on what needed to be done. I was very discouraged at the quotes and scope of work some of these.Federation Tuckpoiting have developed a fool-proof method of ensuring you get the best possible match of your bricks. Invisible Crack Repairs Our multi-skilled tradesmen are often described by our clients as being more like "fine craftsmen" for the repairs they do on a day to day basis which is why we call this service "INVISIBLE CRACK REPAIRS".Our Union represents a wide range of trowel trades in the Chicagoland area including bricklayer, Concrete Specialist, Foam Insulator, Marble Mason, Marble Finisher, Mosaic Worker, Plasterer, Pointer Cleaner Caulker, Precast Worker, Refractory Worker, Stone Mason, Tile Layer, Tile Finisher, Terrazzo Worker, Terrazzo Finisher and Welder.Tuckpointing includes using two different colors of mortar to fill in mortar joints of brickwork. One of the two colors used for tuckpointing is made to match the actual bricks so that it blends in and creates a seamless appearance. The second color is different, and is used for the actual appearance of mortar joints.Tuckpointing is the term used to describe the process of removing deteriorated mortar joints. Mortar joints are cut to a uniform depth and then fill in with fresh mortar. Tuckpointing is also referred to as pointing and repointing, however, it may also mean to put plastic mortar in masonry walls without removing the original, damaged mortar.nancy mastrocosta, secretary general of the Hellenic Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, released a statement about Fotis Dulos and the case surrounding the disappearance of his estranged wife,Blowing dust from brick joints at Manteno’s Veteran’s Home.Arrow specializes in providing tuckpointing and masonry restoration services to commercial and residential communities. With experience dating back to 1964, Arrow not only cleans and repairs damaged mortar and brick, we also provide a wide range of services designed to maintain and protect your existing masonry for years to come.