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Youthful Brain contains, another ingredient that happens to be an essential building block of the brain’s nerve cells, what I like to call. The Brain Makeover That Shaves 12 Years Off I call it PS which is short for phosphatidylserine often referred to as "the memory molecule" in medical circles.Royce Stokes. I am Royce P. Stokes, Child Care Worker at Children’s Home Society. I have passion in music, movies, dogs, swimming, health, fitness, and exercise.Today we will discuss how to maintain your brain youthful with 3 everyday habits provided by science. practice reading Reading encourages us to visualize and create a completely new world based on the pages we read. This helps us stimulate and develop active thoughts that employ the neurons of the brain.The Youthful brain. science shows you can reverse those effects through a combination of good diet, exercise, adequate sleep and hydration, socialization and the right supplements. Throw in a minute or two of deep breathing when anxiety rises to help keep things in check.

Original video found at Brain supplement is specially designed for you guys to improve your beautiful brain power that you can improve your memory health in terms of improving your sharpness alertness and learning power this is a great supplement that will give you purity ingredients that produce lots of benefits to your brain and body as well once you take the supplements you can easily promote your healthy mind and memory what does it also supports you mental clarity and concentration. This is a brain.Research Verified brain booster review.. work that should probably take me 10 minutes can take over an hour. With Brain Boost I feel like I am at 95%!! Work that would normally take me an hour takes 10 minutes. I’m razor focused and alert. I am very happy with this product, it works great.Keep your brain active. Keep learning new things, whether it be a new book, crossword puzzles, foreign language, classes etc. so your brain can stay youthful and sharp. Hormones Hormones can be another reason why someone has difficulty with sleep or why someone experiences brain fog.